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Croghaun Hill, Co Waterford

Waterford Landscape Photography

(Croghaun Hill) Waterford Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny based Landscape Photographer : Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny photography

Landscape Photography of Kilkenny

Landscape Photography of Kilkenny, The Gate, Nigel Borrington

Solo Image, Taken at Windgap, Co Kilkenny.

Kilkenny Landscape photography by : Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny Landscape Photography

The Grave of Thomas Darcy, Kells priory, Co.Kilkenny

Thomas Darcy's, Gravestone

Thomas Darcy's, Gravestone, Kells Priory, Co Kilkenny : Nigel Borrington


“Erected by, Mary Morrissey in memory of her Father THOMAS DARCY, who died March 29th 1889 aged 58 – also her brother JAMES who died MARCH 29th 1912 aged 36 years and her beloved Mother who died Feb 23rd 1913 aged 76 years and her sister who died young.”

All of them lie almost forgotten, even their headstone has fallen. Maybe one day someone will return to place it upright again.


Grave of Thomas Darcy : Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny landscape photography by : Nigel Borrington

Ballydowane Cove, Co.Waterford


Ballydowane Cove, Co.Waterford :Nigel Borrington

An Infra-red photograph of Ballydowane Cove, Co.Waterford.

Using a Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 24-120mm AFD lens with the camera and lens set to a 30 second exposure at F10 with ISO @100.

Irish Landscape photography by Kilkenny Photographer, Nigel Borrington

Lower Lake, Killarney


Lower Lake Killarney 2011

Irish Landscape Photography, Kilkenny photographer : Nigel Borrington

Wedding Photography Gallery and Details

I have just added some new work and information to the following web pages

Wedding Photography Gallery

Wedding Photography details

If you would like to take a good look!


Over exposure

Brandon Hill Kilkeny highkey

Brandon Hill Kilkenny, highkey Image : Nigel Borrington

Brandon Hill Kilkenny is some 515m in hight and offers great views of north east Kilkenny.

This image just like the last one from Brandon hill, was taken in order to experiment with creating an image with as much detail removed as possible. This time however I am using over exposure in order to create a high key image. High key is the introduction of as much bright light into the images as possible thus removing unwanted details.

In pure terms this is overexposure, but used with an effect in mind, In this image its to remove any of the landscape detail behind the trees from about halfway up the image. This helps to make the trees the main feature in this photograph.

I am happy to a point with this image and the effect is interesting, I am going to keep working on compositions that better match. I think if the trees could be placed alone the horizon next time it would be an improvement.

Wet wedding days

Callan wedding

A wet day in Callan : Nigel Borrington

No weddings this weekend, but I noticed one couple did get married in the town. Oh god what a weekend for it, the worst rain we have had for months.

I cannot say that I have ever had to do a wedding in rain like that, lots of snow over the last two winters but wind and rain like that no thank god. As a photographer you cannot expect to do every wedding going nor should you aim to, I cannot help but feel a little relieved that I didn’t get this one!

Brandon Hill, Co. Kilkenny

brandon hill Kilkenny

brandon hill Kilkenny, Nigel Borrington

Friday 21st of October, The Weather forecast for the weekend was not good so I took the afternoon off and walked to the top of Brandon Hill, Co.Kilkenny.

On the way up it occurred to me just how little detail an image needs, yet it can still be of great interest to the viewer. I am going to keep exploring this but I think its to do with contrast and the simple layers that make-up the picture.

Images of Autumn – Glenpatrick Clonmel

Glen Patrick Clonmel, Autumn 2011

Glen Patrick, Clonmel, Autumn 2011, Nigel Borrington

21st of October and Autumn has taken a full grip of the Irish landscape, Winter is just around the corner.

These images are from Glenpatrick woods, just above Clonmel in Country Tipperary.

Glen Patrick Clonmel, Autumn 2011, Nigel Borrington

Glen Patrick, Clonmel, Autumn 2011, Nigel Borrington

Landscape photography of Ireland by Nigel Borrington

Its a dogs life ?

Pet photography

Molly - ZZZ's, Its a dog life?

Get a Blog and keep Posting they said, So!

No comment on this one, what can you say?


An evening walk – Ballykeefe, Kilkenny


An Evening Walk In ballykeefe Woods

I finished working on some archiving photography about 4:30pm today, so took Molly for a Walk In Ballykeefe woods. What a great day for sunny autumn weather.


An evening walk with Molly, ballykeefe KIlkenny

Kilkenny photographer, Nigel Borrington

Inside St Peters, Vatican City

Inside the Vatican

Inside St Peters, Vatican city : Photograph by Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny based Photographer : Nigel Borrington

Via Dei Condotti

Via Dei condotti, Rome, in the rain : Nigel Borrington

Via Dei condotti, Rome, in the rain : Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny Photographer, Nigel Borrington

Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum Staircase

Vatican Museum, Staircase : Nigel Borrington

Staircase at the Vatican Museum

Kilkenny Photographer : Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny Landscape Image

Kilkenny Landscape images and photography

Winter Weather 2010 : Nigel Borrington

Solo Images, By Kilkenny Landscape Photographer: Nigel Borrington.

Kilkenny Landscape Photography


Kings River in Motion, Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Bridge St Callan, Kilkenny


Bridge St Callan, County Kilkenny Nigel Borrington

Bridge Street, Callan, Kilkenny

To me Bridge St, Callan, Kilkenny – as it moves its way across the kings river, is one of the most amazing streets in Kilkenny, So much could be done with this small street, yet it has Remained the same for so long.

Over the Years some people have had a go at bringing the street up-to date, However most have failed leaving their remains behind, i.e. At Least one Ghost Estate and Empty Businesses. However the reason I like Bridge St so much is that again and again It has resisted and returned to its original condition.

Kilkenny Landscape Photography, By Kilkenny Photographer : Nigel Borrington

Castlecomer discovery park – Co Kilkenny

castlecomer Discovery park, woodland walks

castlecomer Discovery park, woodland walks and fishing lakes

Explore Woodlands & Lake fishing in Castlecomer

Castlecomer Discovery Park grounds consist of 30 hectares (80 acres) of mixed woodland on the banks of the River Deen which were once part of the old Wandesforde Estate.

There are 6km of themed woodland walks centred on our two rainbow trout angling lakes.

The three main walking routes are colour coded and signposted and there are also a number of interconnecting paths.

The woodlands also play host to a number of wooden sculptures.

These were created on-site in September 1999 by a number of Irish and International artists working with the natural materials of the area.

castlecomer Discovery park Sculpture

Castlecomer Discovery park, Sculpture - Nigel Borrington

Twelve sculptures were created within the woodland, designed to blend in with and complement their surroundings and five of these now remain. They can be found scattered throughout the woodlands.

A stone sculpture located in the parkland beside the river is a replica of a culm grinder, which would have been used to grind coal dust to a fine powder.

Picnic tables are located in the parkland by the river’s edge close to the car park and children’s playground and there are also a number of more secluded picnic spots located along the woodland walks

Ref : Castlecomer Discovery park

Kilkenny landscape photography by, Kilkenny photographer : Nigel Borrington


Coolagh Kilkenny, Nigel Borrington

Coolagh Kilkenny, Nigel Borrington

This image was taken early on an October morning last year, this time of day on foggy morning can produce some fantastic light!

Kilkenny Landscape images by, Kilkenny photographer : Nigel Borrington

St John’s Church Kilkenny

St Johns Kilkenny by Nigel Borrington

St Johns Kilkenny, by kilkenny photogrpher : Nigel Borrington

St John Parish church, Kilkenny.

The orginal Roman Catholic Parish Church of St. John’s was situated in Maudlin Street. This earlier church’s construction commemced in 1840 and was finished by 1847. It was the last in line of several churches or Mass Houses that had existed in Maudlin Street. The stone from this earlier church was later used in the building of the Dr. Collier Wing of St. Kieran’s College that opened in 1956. The site of the new St. John’s was donated by the Marquis of Ormonde. The foundation stone was laid on the 22nd May 1897 and consecrated on the 20th of June 1908.

The original design was by William Hague, on his death, it was completed by William H. Byrne. It was built in the neo-Gothic style popular at the time. Difficulties encountered early on meant that the original spire in the design was omitted to ensure the stability of the building. The large sculptured panel over the front door incorporates an eagle, symbol of St. John the Evangelist.

The church is often known as the O’Loughlin Memorial Church. This commemorates Thomas O’Loughlin of Sandfordscourt. Thomas’ uncle Martin has made his fortune in the Australian gold rush. On inheriting this fortune Thomas carried out his uncle’s wishes to build a church in his native diocese of Ossory. He donated £50,000 towards the construction of St. John’s. He was later made a Papal Count in recognition of his generosity.

Ref : St John parish church

Images by Nigel Borrington, Kilkenny based photographer.

Kilkenny wedding photography

Wedding album design

Wedding album design, from a Kilkenny wedding 2010

An example of a wedding album design.

Kilkenny wedding photographer : Nigel Borrington

Landscape photography kilkenny

Suir valley from Tullahought - Kilkenny landscape photography

Suir valley from Tullahought - Kilkenny landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

An Images of the Suir Valley form the Viewing tower at Tullahought, Co Kilkenny

Kilkenny landscape photography by kilkenny photographer : Nigel Borrington