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Archive for September 27, 2011

St Mary’s, Sandyford, Co.Dublin

The following Landscape image was used for one of my 2010 weddings. I make good use of my Landscape photography for wedding album page design.

St Marys, Sandyford

St Marys, Sandyford, Wedding Album background

Kilkenny wedding photographer, Nigel borrington

Molly, at Burnchurch, Co.KIlkenny

Molly at Burnchurch catle

Molly at Burnchurch catle, Co.Kilkenny

Molly is our eight year old golden retriever, this images is of her at Burnchurch Castle, Co.Kilkenny

Photo by Kilkenny photographer, Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny photography

Scanner Art

Scanner art

Scanner art - Nigel Borrington

Scanner Art, by Kilkenny photographer and artist : Nigel borrington