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Archive for September 22, 2011

Digital art – Photographic Interpretation

Photographic Art - Scanner art

Photographic Art - Scanner art

Digital photography and digital images can be produced without a camera of any kind (Phones, Scanner and fax Machines) can all be used to produce images of many kinds.

Scanner Art by : Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny photographer and Artist.

Kilkenny Art
Kilkenny Photography

Kilkenny photography

Digital processing

Digiital image processing skills are as much a part of the modern photographer’s job as was the darkroom in the past.

The following images show just how far a single image can be taken from the original.

Digital image original

Coolagh, Co.KIlkenny.

Bleached and Toned

Toned and Bleached second image.

Digital processing

Trees at Coolagh, Co Kilkenny - Processed using image layer processing.

Trees at Coolagh in lightning

Kilkenny Photography, Trees at Coolagh in lightning ( Photoshop processing)

The original image taken at coolagh, Co Kilkenny, was produced as part of an art and design project back in 2007.

Kilkenny Photography by Nigel Borrington