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Newtown house, Co Kilkenny

Newtown house, Co Kilkenny

Landscape image of Newtown house, Co Kilkenny

Forgotten Sapces

Forgotten spaces, Newtown house, Co.KIlkenny

One of Kilkenny’s Forgotten spaces, Newtown House.

I cannot find that much history on this location, the following web link has records as follows:

Newtown house

NEWTOWN HOUSE, Earlstown parish, Shillelogher barony.
1858 Joseph Greene, Newtown. [Will]
1870 John Newport Greene, Newtown House. [Will]
1873 Newtown House, 6 mile of Kilkenny, Thomastown & Ballyhale, 3 of Callan, 1 of Kells, to let by Lt Col Mollan CB. [Mod 6.9.1873]
1873 Mr Joseph Greene, Newtown House. [Mod 25.10.1873]
1878 Eliza Newport Greene, Newtown. [Will]
1912 Died, Major-General James Benjamin Dennis at Newtown House, Kilkenny, age 95. [St Canices Cathedral grave]
1969 Newtown House now dismantled and a ruins. [O’Kelly]
1993 Newtown, ruins, c1800. 1 mile W of Kells. 18.S.47.44. [KK Dev Plan]

Irish photography series, by kilkenny based photographer : Nigel Borrington