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Studio63 portraits

While the main purpose of this web site is to showcase and detail Nigel’s landscape and nature work it is very much worth detailing some examples of the studio photography images that Nigel produces.

Studio photography by, Nigel Borrington

Nigel Borrington (Studio63)

The make-up and beauty studio opened in Callan at the start of 2011 and is owned and run by Karen Maher,

Karen contacted me about three weeks ago, to see if I would be interested in helping her to create a studio portfolio for her, needless to say I was delighted to help.

The following images are from our first studio session.

Kilkenny photography studio

Nigel Borrington (Studio63)

Studio63 Kilkenny photography

Image Nigel Borrington (Studio63)

Nigel Borrington ( Studio63 )

You need and of her services you can contact her as follows.

The Makeup and Beauty studio.
Karen Maher : 086 2597777 or


St Johns point Lighthouse

St Johns point lighthouse

St Johns point lighthouse

St John’s Point Lighthouse, Donegal

From the Commissioners of Irish Lights

This is a harbour light used to guide from Donegal Bay, it marks the north side of the bay leading to Killybegs Harbour from the entrance up to Rotten Island.

The Corporation for Preserving and Improving the Port of Dublin (the Ballast Board) received a request on 24 February 1825 signed by merchants and traders of Killybegs requesting a light on St John’s Point. This was not approved until April 1829, and Trinity House gave their statutory sanction the following month.

The tower, built of cut granite, was designed by the Board’s Inspector of Works and Inspector of Lighthouses, George Halpin, and erected by the Board’s workmen under Halpin’s supervision.

The tower, painted white, had a first order catoptric fixed light 98 feet above high water with a visibility in clear weather of 14 miles. The light was first used on 4 November 1831 with the buildings in an uncompleted state. The final cost at the end of 1833 was £10,507.8.5.

Landscape Photography by Nigel Borrington , June 2010.

National Biodiversity week

Biodiversity Week 21st. -29th. May 2011

Nigel borrington

Sloe Bug - Nikon D700

Sloe bug, photographed in Kilkenny Millenium Forest

“On 22 May 2011 countries all over the world will celebrate International Day of Biodiversity, a global celebration to raise public awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the consequences of its loss.

As part of the celebrations the National Parks and Wildlife Service of the Department of Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht, environmental NGO’s, Local Authorities and a wide range of other organisations have arranged a week long celebration of Ireland’s biodiversity, with plenty of activities aimed at all age groups.”

More Information

Image by kilkenny photographer (Nigel Borrington), Kilkenny photography series..

Hoverfly feeding

Syrphus ribesli (Hover fly)

Syrphus ribesli

Nikon D90, 105mm macro lens

Hover fly – feeding on nectar.

Taken hand held using a very shallow depth of field from the Nikon 105mm f2.8 lens, so that I could focus in on the fly s head as it fed.

Kilkenny wildlife, Ballykeefe woods


Carraigmoclear – Slievenamon

Carraigmoclear  Slievenamon

Carraigmoclear - Slievenamon

Nikon D300, 10mm lens

Carraigmoclear is located in the foot hills of Slievenamon, Co.Tipperary, the location of a 1798 battle between the united Irishman and the British forces located at Kilcash castle. Today it offers one of the most peaceful locations you could wish for, offering wonderful views of the south Kilkenny and Tipperary borders.

This is one of the best location to get a full view of Slievenamon, a Landscape photographers dream.

The above image is taken using a 10mm wide angle lens, the resulting images perspective is then corrected using photo-shop. I feel that the results, showing a 180deg view of Slievenamon area I hope should inspire you to walk this hill.

Photography Training

Photography Training

Nigel Borrington

Curracloe, Wexford coastline

Over the next months I will be posting articles that will show some of the more basic techniques I use to produce Landscape and wildlife images.

I will also provide some details on the needed equipment and the more generalist skills that are needed in or to make the best use the equipment you have purchased.

I will use many different locations for photography projects.

Wexford coast line

Stay Smart!

So keep a eye on the training section for posted articles…….

Nigel Borrington..


About : Nigel Borrington

Nigel is a photographer with his Studio and wedding photography business  Studio63  based in Callan, County Kilkenny in the south east of Ireland.

He has lived in county Kilkenny for some ten years. His background is in both Photography and Art and he is fully qualified in both areas. If you need to make an enquiry of any kind please contact Nigel on 086 153 0497 or go to the contacts page on the Studio63 web site and email Nigel from this location.

Nigel is a qualified member of the SINWP, SWPP and BPPA.

Spring Rabbit

Spring rabbit, Sheep’s head, West cork

Spring Rabbit

Spring Rabbit

Nikon D90, Nikon 70-300mm f3.5-5.6 Vr lens

Rosskerigg West Cork

Panoramic view of the bay south of Rosskerigg, Sheep’s head, west cork

Rosskerigg West Cork

Rosskerigg West Cork

Nikon D7000, Nikon 10mm ED DX lens, Photoshop correction filters.

Early Marsh Orchid

Early Marsh orchid, Ballykeefe, Co Kilkenny

Early Marsh Orchid

Early Marsh orchid

Nikon D200, Nikon 105mm f2.8 Macro lens

Ballykeefe woods Blackbird

Moonlit Blackbird in Ballykeefe woods, Co Kilkenny.

Ballykeefe woods blackbird

Ballykeefe woods,Kilkenny, blackbird in moonlight

Nikon D90, Nikon 70-200 Af-EDg f2.8 lens.


Herons nest building at Galway bay.


Herons nest building, Co. Galway

Nikon D90, nikon 70-300 f3.5-5.6 Vr lens


The Moon Over Allihies Bay



Nikon D200, 85mm f1.8 lens


Sunsets on Slievenamon May 2011

Slievenamon sunset 2011

Slievenamon sunset April 2011

Nikon D700, 70-200 Af-ed f2.8 Vr lens.


Slievenamon 1Slievenamon (Irish: Sliabh na mBan, [ˈʃlʲiəw n̪ˠə ˈmˠanˠ]) is a mountain in County Tipperary in the province of Munster in Ireland. It stands at 721 m (2,365 ft). It is located in the south of the county, near the town of Clonmel. Situated at the western end of a range of low hills, Slievenamon is a striking conical mass, offering a dramatic view from the top over the counties of Tipperary, Kilkenny and Waterford

The mountain has its fair share of Irish legends. The mountain is said to have got its name from the ancient fairy women or Feimhin, who enchanted a warrior named Fionn mac Cumhaill and his followers.

Slievenamon 2

Another legend tells how Fionn decided to choose his bride from a group of women racing to the top to meet him sitting at the top of Slievenamon. The first to reach the summit was Gráinne, a figure who would become notorious in Irish folklore because of her exploits with the hero Diarmuid.


Slievenamon 3

(aka Carraigmoclear), a low hill attached to Slievenamon, was the site of a battle during the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

I live only eight kilometers from Slievenamon so you will be seeing plenty of landscape images on this site that feature the mountain. My next post for example will feature details of how best to walk to the summit and what you will find when you get there.


About the web site

Welcome to my web site,

Whilst I run my Wedding and Studio photography business from I work with Landsacpe and Nature photography on a regular basis.

I had included an area on for this area of my photography, I have however now moved all this work to .

Thus the main function of this web site is to exhibit my landscape and nature photography and provide for a visual outlet for it.

I also intend this site to be informative about the locations I visit for my photography and to detail the reasons I find these location of great interest. I will also show the techniques used to produce the included images.

I also include a section on this site relating to photographic techniques and the equipment needed to produce good Landscape and nature images.

If you would like to contact me please email

Enjoy your Landscape!


May 17th 2011 – And a fresh start.

Kilkenny Landscape Photography

A new blog starts

The creation of this web-site is in order to create a new location for my Landscape photography, this is something I have been intending to do for sometime so it is great to get going on this project.

I look forward to many posts on this site and to showcasing many of the hundreds of Irish Landscape images I have created since 2002 when I first came to live in County Kilkenny. I also look forward to  many new landscape and Nature projects.