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National Biodiversity week

Biodiversity Week 21st. -29th. May 2011

Nigel borrington

Sloe Bug - Nikon D700

Sloe bug, photographed in Kilkenny Millenium Forest

“On 22 May 2011 countries all over the world will celebrate International Day of Biodiversity, a global celebration to raise public awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the consequences of its loss.

As part of the celebrations the National Parks and Wildlife Service of the Department of Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht, environmental NGO’s, Local Authorities and a wide range of other organisations have arranged a week long celebration of Ireland’s biodiversity, with plenty of activities aimed at all age groups.”

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Image by kilkenny photographer (Nigel Borrington), Kilkenny photography series..

Hoverfly feeding

Syrphus ribesli (Hover fly)

Syrphus ribesli

Nikon D90, 105mm macro lens

Hover fly – feeding on nectar.

Taken hand held using a very shallow depth of field from the Nikon 105mm f2.8 lens, so that I could focus in on the fly s head as it fed.

Kilkenny wildlife, Ballykeefe woods


Carraigmoclear – Slievenamon

Carraigmoclear  Slievenamon

Carraigmoclear - Slievenamon

Nikon D300, 10mm lens

Carraigmoclear is located in the foot hills of Slievenamon, Co.Tipperary, the location of a 1798 battle between the united Irishman and the British forces located at Kilcash castle. Today it offers one of the most peaceful locations you could wish for, offering wonderful views of the south Kilkenny and Tipperary borders.

This is one of the best location to get a full view of Slievenamon, a Landscape photographers dream.

The above image is taken using a 10mm wide angle lens, the resulting images perspective is then corrected using photo-shop. I feel that the results, showing a 180deg view of Slievenamon area I hope should inspire you to walk this hill.