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Reflections on the river Barrow.

Tails from the river bank 7
The River Barrow, Goresbridge, county Kilkenny
Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

The River Barrow flows from its source at Glenbarrow in the Slieve Bloom Mountains, County Laois to the Celtic Sea at the harbour of Waterford.

The river also forms a natural border between parts of counties Kilkenny and Carlow and Kilkenny and Wexford.

I Completed walking all the stages of the river last year, my favourite part of the river however is around the Goresbridge area, county Kilkenny.

The images below are just some taken at Goresbridge, during June of 2014.

River Barrow Gallery

Tails from the river bank 1

Tails from the river bank 2

Tails from the river bank 3

Tails from the river bank 4

Tails from the river bank 5

Tails from the river bank 6

Visiting the Saltee Islands spring 2014

saltees islands 001
Saltees Islands In Spring
Wildlife and Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

This Spring I am planning another visit to the The Saltees Islands, St. George’s Channel. The Islands consist of the Great and Little Saltee, they are situated approximately 5 kilometers off the coast of Kilmore Quay Co.Wexford.

The larger island Great Saltee is the most famous bird sanctuary in Ireland and is very popular with both day-trippers and birdwatchers alike. These Islands are privately owned and are one of the world’s major bird sanctuaries.

It’s a wonderful visit to make if your into wildlife and Photography or just a wonderful place to spend the day.

The below images were taken last spring.

Saltee Island Gallery

saltees islands 002

saltees islands 007

saltees islands 003

saltees islands 004

saltees islands 005

saltees islands 006

Hookhead lighthouse , From day into night : Image Gallery

Hook head light house 5
Hookhead lighthouse, county wexford
Irish landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

One evening a little time back , while staying in country Wexford, I visited the lighthouse at Hookhead.

I always wanted to visit this great lighthouse, just before dusk and at the point that the lights are turned on for the night. It was a great feeling to stand below the tower and experience the darkness arriving over the coastline of Wexford.

The following images show this transition from evening light to darkness over the open Celtic sea.


Hook head light house 5

Hook head light house 1

Hook head light house 2

Hook head light house 3

Hook head light house 4

5 solo images for the week (Monday).

Who know where the time goes 3
Nikon slr, 50mm f1.4 lens
Curracloe beach, County Wexford
Irish landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

This week I am working on selecting some single images in order to update my web site and put an exhibition together.

I have been posting on my Blog now since May 2011 and really enjoy every moment of it. In this time I have posted some 1500 images here.

Also what I love the most about blogging and word-press is viewing and reading other peoples blogs, so over the following week I am going to give myself sometime to do more reading than posting.

So I am going to post some single images each day. Along with a quick comment as to how I got the image and why I enjoyed it so much !

Mondays Image..

Curracloe beach, County Wexford

The above image is from Curracloe beach in county Wexford taken one Christmas time about four years ago, It’s the first time I have see snow on a beach like this and it could be the last as the climate here is not usually as cold over the winter months, the temperature was -12oc at the time the image was taken. The image was taken at about 4pm just as the sun was starting to set and the reds and yellow from the sun were being reflected by the snow.

This was a wonderful moment to be out taking pictures, one I will never forget.

Eva Cassidy – Who Knows Where The Time Goes ?

Who know where the time goes 3

“Who Knows Where The Time Goes?”

Across the evening sky,all the birds are leaving
Oh but then you know, it was time for them to go
By the winter fire, I will still be dreaming
I do not count the time
for who knows where the time goes?
Who knows where the time goes?

Who know where the time goes 2

Sad,deserted shore
your fickle friends are leaving
oh, but then you know it was time for them to go
But I will still be here
I have no thought of leaving
I do not count the time
for who knows where the time goes?

Who know where the time goes 1


I know I’m not alone
while my love is near me
I know that its so until its time to go
All the storms in Winter and the birds in Spring again
I do not count the time
For who knows where the time goes?
who knows where the time goes?
who knows where the time goes?

Kate rusby who know where the time goes


Thanks to a very great friend for the inspiration …

Rosslare Habour, county wexford, a week on the beach

Rosslare on the beach 5
All images taken with a Nikon D300
A week on Rosslare beach, county wexford
Irish landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

Rosslare Holiday Resort is located in the South east of Wexford and has some of the best hours of sunshine in Ireland, Along with having one of Ireland’s small but best used ferry ports it is also visited by many people for holidays or day trips to the wonderful beach.

We stayed here back in 2008 for a wonderful week and walked ourselves and Molly our Golden retriever along the beach each day. She made many new friends with people and dogs during her time here, managing to get them to entertain her in the sea for hours.

I really enjoyed watching so many people enjoy themselves here, walking along the beach, swimming, and exercising themselves and there dogs.

Rosslare beach people and dogs, Gallery

Rosslare on the beach 6

Rosslare on the beach 1

Rosslare on the beach 2

Rosslare on the beach 7

Rosslare on the beach 8

Rosslare on the beach 9

Rosslare on the beach 10

Rosslare on the beach 11

Rosslare on the beach 12

Rosslare on the beach 3

The Raven, Curracloe, Co. Wexford

Wexford landscape photography the raven 2
Images taken using a Nikon D700
The Raven nature reserve, Curracloe, Co.Wexford
Irish landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

The Raven Nature Reserve and Curracloe beach

located at Raven Point on the north side of Wexford ( Loch Garman) Harbour, Co. Wexford.

Raven Point is a spit, a type of peninsula created by deposited sand. It is a portion of an area consisting of a series of sand dunes known as the North Slob with views of the Irish sea and the harbour.

The Reserve is located beside Curracloe beach, best known for having featured in the Second World War themed motion picture ‘Saving Private Ryan.’

Raven Point is planted with a forest of pine and other evergreen trees. It is also a sanctuary for birds such as geese and wildlife especially the red squirrel. Seals can also be seen on the beaches and in Wexford Harbour.

A looped walk of the area goes to the tip of the Raven Point spit through the wood and back again via the beach.

It’s a wonderful place to visit for a day and offers long walks and one of Ireland best white sandy beaches.

Raven point a Gallery

Wexford landscape photography the raven 3

Wexford landscape photography the raven 4

Wexford landscape photography the raven 5

Wexford landscape photography the raven 6

Wexford landscape photography the raven 7

Wexford landscape photography the raven 1

Wexford landscape photography the raven 9

Wexford landscape photography the raven 10

Irish National Heritage park

Natinal irish heritage park 4
All images using a Nikon D700
Irish National Heritage park – A Crannog
Landscape photography : Nigel borrington

One place in Ireland you have to visit, in order to get a good sense of the nations history is the National heritage park.


The Irish National Heritage Park Ferrycarrig, is Located in the South East of Ireland, approximately 3 miles from Wexford Town off the Dublin (N11) Rosslare Road (N25). Eleven miles from Rosslare Europort.

Sat Nav: N: 52.348 W: -6.51673

This park is Unique in Europe, occuping 35 acres and has 16 archaeological and historical reconstructions all located in their natural settings. The Heritage Park outlines the history of Irish life as the story of 10000 years unfolds before you. It is history presented in a unique way in magical and varied settings.

A Crannog

The images in this post are from the reconstructed Crannog, Wiki-pedia defines a Crannog as follows

“Crannogs were used as dwellings over five millennia from the European Neolithic Period, to as late as the 17th/early 18th century although in Scotland, convincing evidence for Early and Middle Bronze Age or Norse Period use is not currently present in the archaeological record. The earliest radiocarbon determinations obtained from key sites such as Oakbank in Loch Tay or Redcastle, Beauly Firth approach the Late Bronze Age – Early Iron Age transition at their widest interpretation at 2 sigma or 95.4% probability, falling after c.800BC and therefore could only be considered Late Bronze Age by the narrowest of margins. Crannogs have been variously interpreted as free-standing wooden structures, as at Loch Tay, although more commonly they exist as brush, stone or timber mounds which can be revetted with timber piles. However, in areas such as the Western Isles of Scotland, timber was unavailable from the Neolithic onwards. As a result, completely stone crannogs supporting drystone architecture are common here.

Today, crannogs typically appear as small, circular islets, often 10 to 30 metres (30 to 100 ft) in diameter, covered in dense vegetation due to their inaccessibility to grazing livestock.”

Crannog images

Natinal irish heritage park 8

Natinal irish heritage park 1

Natinal irish heritage park 2

Natinal irish heritage park 3

Fethard on Sea, county Wexford

Fethard-on-Sea 1

Fethard on Sea, Wexford

Ireland has many small fishing village’s around its coast-line, Fethard on Sea, Wexford being just one of them. There is nothing special or different about it, compared to any one of the others. Yet when you visit you will feel at home very quickly with this small town and it’s people.

The fishing Harbour is just wonderful and the relaxed feeling of the people who live and work here comes across very quickly.

I took these two images of some of the fishing boats near the harbour last year, on a weekends visit.

Fethard-on-Sea 2

Duncannon Fort, County Wexford

Duncannon Fort 3
All images Nikon D700
Duncannon Fort, County Wexford
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Duncannon Fort

If you plan to visit County Wexford, Duncannon fort is well worth a visit, I took the images in this post on a visit earlier in the summer.

The fort was built in 1588 in the expectation of an attack on the area by the Spanish Armada. The Fort is surrounded by a 30 ft high dry moat and has one of the oldest lighthouses of its kind in Ireland. All the major buildings in the Fort surround a parade ground. A walk around the outer ramparts afford spectacular views across the estuary to Co. Waterford and down to Hook Head. Located at a lower level than the moat is the croppy boy cell. After the 1798 rebellion, prisoners were detained here pending transfer to Geneva Barracks for trial and sentencing. An added attraction is the Maritime Museum which charts the maritime history of one of the most dangerous coastlines in Ireland, the Wexford coast.

incorporates a maritime museum, Arts centre, café and craft shop and is open daily to visitors from June to September. Guided tours are available. Duncannon and Fort was the location for the opening scenes of the 2002 remake of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, starring Jim Caviezel and Richard Harris.

Image Gallery

Duncannon Fort 2

Duncannon Fort 4

Duncannon Fort 1

Duncannon Fort 5