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Painted Skys – MyPaint

Painted Skys Nigel Borrington 1

Painted Skys Nigel Borrington 2

Painting Skys – MyPaint

Earlier this week I posted about MyPaint a Windows and Linux application used to produce ( Art work , digital Paintings and Graphic Designs)

Since then I have been able to spend a little time using this application to paint some sky’s using some photographs as source material. I feel that its always a good idea to practice areas of a painting and sky’s are great fun to work on by themselves.

MyPaint has a full selection of artists brushes available that are capable of reproducing such painting styles as (oil, Acrilic and watercolour), I have found the watercolour brushes and tools such as the sponge very flexible, especially when you want to blend areas of a painting together and produce some soft area.



Another area I have worked with is the colour palettes, there are many great palettes available as standard in MyPaint, I am however more use to working with artist colours from a tube and wanted to recreate some of these colours digitally.

So by downloading the Winsor & Newton Artists colours palette as a tiff file and then creating my own palette by using the colour eye proper selection tool and the tiff file I have now produced a palette that matches the one I am a little more use to working with. This palette is only a starting point and I can ether edit or added to it as needed.

As for mixing colours using this palette as a starting point, I am experimenting with the available scratch pad window along with the palette knife and smudge tools to see just how well colours can be mixed.



“Some think to judge the very sky itself” , A Monday Morning Poem.

To Judge the very sky itself Kilkenny Landscape Photography  Nigel Borrington

Some think to Judge the very sky itself
Callan and Kilkenny Landscape Photography
Nigel Borrington

A Monday Morning Poem

Its been a great weekend here in Ireland, Saturday was blue sky’s all day, while we had rain for all the day Sunday, oh well that’s Ireland – all seasons in one weekend.

While I was inside staying out of the rain, I did some tasks then reading followed with some writing, a couple of poems!

Of which this is one …..

Some think To Judge the very Sky itself

Some think to Judge the very sky itself,
from the rain it brings to the snow that falls,
from the shade and shape of each cloud that rushes by.

Judging its flowing expressions, as the very stars,
that rise at night and fall into the day.

Some think to judge the very sky itself,
as if this act will make them fly !

Yet the Sky looks back and never see’s,
the Stars shine down and never hear.

To Judge the sky, is as pointless a Human act as can be !!

Some think to judge the very sky itself,
but the Sky never hears their words.

They are like black grains of sand, lost along the ebb and the flow of Tide and Time !!!

To Judge the very Sky itself 1

Monday morning

Monday Morning starts 2
Nikon D700, iso 100
Monday Morning sky over kilkenny
Nigel Borrington

Monday morning and well its a slow one in my mind anyway, empty of plans and reasons to get going and I don’t truly know why.

So maybe its time to go hunting for a poem or two and have a Monday morning coffee :

Monday Morning Coffee

Most people don’t look forward to Monday mornings…
I do.
It’s the start of something new…
It’s a clean slate
I like my Monday morning ritual
I wake up extra early.
It’s early for me.
I get ready for work.

Monday Morning starts 1
Nikon D700, iso 100
Monday Morning sky over kilkenny
Nigel Borrington

That it will be a pretty good week.
I don’t even have to ask anymore
An extra large coffee waits for me
And a
Melt in your mouth
Beautiful in it’s simplicity
Glazed Doughnut
Friendly faces and a delicious treat
It’s a great way for me to start my week..

My Monday morning
Look forward to it treat.