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The White Lily , By the river bank : Jack Shaka

Sundays on the river bank 2
Images of the River Barrow, County Kilkenny
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

The White Lily

By : Jack Shaka

By the river bank
The frogs croak and caress
Hoping along the river bank
From here to there
At a distant
The swallows twitter with fondness

Sundays on the river bank 10

The lilies rupture with the morning sun
The water reeds sway
As the wind blows along
The river bank

But yet….i feel lost
In this scenery of dexteric desires
I feel caught in lifes pedestals

Tender steps i make….
Along the river bank…
The white lily…
That symbolise
The purity of those souls
Enmeshed in loves frame

Littleton bog 7

The white lily
That symbolise
The fire that burns within circles
The white lily that symbolises
Long lost desires
Re-invented and rejuvenated
In this river of dexteric desires

Water Lilies 2.

The white lily
So white…so pure…

By the river bank
I watch the white lily float and dance
Along the river waters

Their is tenderness in the river
The fishes swim with tenderness
The waters flowing
With a lovers moan

Rythmic drums can be heard from afar
Magic everywhere
I sit and stare at the white lily
With a longing yen….
By the river bank.

A Walk along the river Barrow 2.