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Its the weekend so….

Find a lane to the mountains 5
Fujifilm x100s
Glenaskeagh, County Tipperary
Irish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

It’s the weekend so why not find a country lane to walk down, take your time and enjoy the views.

It takes time to clear your mind and relax, so stay out until the evening ….

Glenaskeagh, Tipperary , Weekend Gallery

Find a lane to the mountains 4

Find a lane to the mountains 3

Find a lane to the mountains 2

Find a lane to the mountains 1

October In The Mountains

Slievenamon views 3
Slievenamon, a mountain in october
irish landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

October In The Mountains

by : Aletha Rappaport

The North Wind does blow,
His chilly fingers on my face
Tell me it is time to go –
To leave our mountain home
And seek a warmer clime
Before ice forms on the lake.
How can winter be so close?
The woods are alive with color –

Slievenamon views 2

Yellow, yellow and more yellows
Of every shade and hue –
Reds and orange, browns and russet too.
Autumn having her last fling
Before submitting to Winter’s icy sting.

Slievenamon views 1

Now that Autumn has begun (Two Autumn Poems)

Fires of autumn time 5
Autumn colours in the Landscape
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington


By : Dorian Petersen Potter

Autumn comes singing in
Displaying her treasures’ galore.
So prettily dressed she grins
Spreading more beauty than before

She transforms the trees one by one,
She paints their leaves with new hues.
There’s a different kind of fun,
Now that Autumn has begun

Fires of autumn time 2

There’s a magic in the air,
In the smells and all the colors.
Cool breeze plays with my hair,
While her beauty I just stare!

Autumn has come back at my door,
What a sight! It’s the season I adore

Fires of autumn time 3

Amber Glow

By : Wesley Mincin

Red and yellow painted leaves
hang idly within the trees
They break and sail along the breeze
As fires of Autumn’s time

They dance and surf upon the ground
Overlap each other with ruffling sound
A setting I am glad I found
As fires of Autumn’s time

Fires of autumn time 4

Like fires of the Autumn season
they leap and dance without a reason
A factor of Autumns many seasons
As fires of Autumn’s time’

The grey clouds break, the sun appears
The dancing leaves appear to sere
These flames its kept for many years
As fires of Autumn’s time