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Mischievous Joy, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Mischievous Joy of a butterfly  Image : Nigel Borrington

Mischievous Joy of a butterfly
Image : Nigel Borrington

Mischievous Joy

Poem by : Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

AS a butterfly renew’d,

When in life I breath’d my last,
To the spots my flight I wing,
Scenes of heav’nly rapture past,
Over meadows, to the spring,
Round the hill, and through the wood.

Soon a tender pair I spy,
And I look down from my seat
On the beauteous maiden’s head–
When embodied there I meet
All I lost as soon as dead,
Happy as before am I.

Him she clasps with silent smile,
And his mouth the hour improves,
Sent by kindly Deities;
First from breast to mouth it roves,
Then from mouth to hands it flies,
And I round him sport the while.

And she sees me hov’ring near;
Trembling at her lovers rapture,
Up she springs–I fly away,
“Dearest! let’s the insect capture
Come! I long to make my prey
Yonder pretty little dear!”

May day Butterfly, Poem : A Butterfly Message, By Kathy Mitchell

Nature on the 1st of may 1
May day butterfly
Nature Photography : Nigel Borrington

A Butterfly Message

Kathy Mitchell

The weight of a Butterfly
The beauty of colours
The wings of freedom
Could never be forgotten
As we lift the weight
We create.

Glow with colour
Attract the good
Spread our wings
As we too can be free
Live like a Butterfly
For your wishes
Will be……