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The crows will only grow louder, by Laura Breidenthal. “Outward self-expression is a personal right , your right !!”

The crows will only grow louder. Irish Landscape and nature photography Nigel Borrington

The crows will only grow louder.
Irish Landscape and nature photography
Nigel Borrington

I first came across Laura Breidenthal poem some two years ago and posted it the very day after, Its a great poem full of feeling and motivation !

I think we have all face these feeling at some point in our life’s and anyone who is outwardly expressive will have most of all.

I feel this poem relates to those moments we all have when other people, usually through negative and insecure motives try to put you and your creativity down in order to better themselves.!

I want to share this poem because I want it to act as a powerful motivation to keep going despite anyone Else’s opinion, if you do get someone putting you down know this its usually because they feel your creations are better than theirs if they have any and that they don’t have an idea how you do what you do.

Self expression is how your learn and how you get better at what you love !!!!!

If you read this post my advice is not to let anyone affect your personal rights to self expression, instead CROW Loader and BLOG more than ever 🙂 🙂 🙂

Outward self-expression is a personal right , your right !!

You may see a post using this Poem again and again during the year, I love this poem so much !!!!

The crows will only grow louder

By : Laura Breidenthal

There is no celestial place for you to guide my thoughts
Can you not see that I am free from you?
I am a crow perched high in the treetops
You will hear my crowing and you may hate it
But, you cannot take away my voice!
Yet still, as fire oppresses forests of life,
You can abuse my freedom to find your glory
You may discard these words for your love of gods,
And in so doing you may simply ignore
All the cries that I so passionately utter

But my infectious species will guide your mind straight back
To that once so lonely treetop where you merely glanced
And there will be multitudinous, oppressing thoughts
That shall enslave you and bind you unwillingly
The crows will only grow louder when you turn away—
When you pretend to ignore with your remaining, strangling pride
For my voice is a production sent from above
Dispatched to judge you pitilessly for your swelling lies!
And the choirs of ferocious beaks shall open forever
Harmony and dissonance as one