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Archive for January 23, 2014

Winter trees by the river bank

The Trees by the river bank 1
Winter trees along the river Nore, county KIlkenny
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

A river walk in January along side the river Nore, county kilkenny, offers some great views.

Amongst the best of these views are the great leafless trees, their hight and their shapes casting long shadows, their reflections in the water.


The Trees by the river bank 2

The Trees by the river bank 4

The Trees by the river bank 3

The Trees by the river bank 1

My Secret Spot on the Beach, a Poem and images.

On the beach 1
Images of an Irish beach
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

My Secret Spot on the Beach

To a few I showed my secret Spot,
To many I reveal it is on The Beach,
In Waterford, still without my help,
none may find, because is called mine,
My hidden Beach Spot

Its open, its free, yet guarded and protected
All can find, all can see, but beyond the vision,
belongs to me, My Secret Spot,
On the Beach, in Waterford…

On the beach 2

A friend I call to Show my Paradise,
and share the secret rooted
inside my heart, with all my soul,
My loved Beach spot,
Loved , and so very special to me!

On the beach 3