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Sunday evening at the gate …. Poem by : John Montague

Sunday evening at the gate
Images of the Galtee Mountains
Irish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

Sunday evening and it’s time for one final walk of the weekend.

I love to find a long lane to walk down then stop for a while, rest against a gate and just take in some views of the Irish country side.

These images are of the Galtee Mountains in counties Limerick and South Tipperary, just before the sun set.

I have included a poem below.


By John Montague

The sounds of Ireland,
that restless whispering
you never get away
from, seeping out of
low bushes and grass,
heatherbells and fern,
wrinkling bog pools,
scraping tree branches,

Sunday evening by the gate

light hunting cloud,
sound hounding sight,
a hand ceaselessly
combing and stroking
the landscape, till
the valley gleams
like the pile upon
a mountain pony’s coat..