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The river is Rising

The River is Rising 01
The River Lingaun, County Kilkenny
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Yesterday we had the storm of the century here in County KIlkenny, winds over 160kmph and a months rain , We lost power in the house and still have no water supply. We are not alone, there are some 190,000 homes in the country without electric or a clean Water supply.

The county has suffered much damage to peoples Houses and land and the rivers are on the rise again.

It was the eighth Storm this winter and in as many weeks, The First I can remember to receive a name ( Storm Darwin ), he or she will be remembered for many years to come.

The rising river Lingaun : Gallery

The River is Rising 03

The River is Rising 02

The River is Rising 04

Life between the Storms .

After the Storms 2

Life between the Storms

Today here in Ireland we are experiencing our eighth storm in eight weeks, with winds up to 160 kmph, the rivers are still flooded and we are are due two more storms before the weekend.

Yet life goes on, I took these two images of people going about their lives one getting his new paper and the other walking his dog.

As always life goes on but when its raining and the weather is very bad the doors get shut the fire is set, the newspaper is read and the dog is in his basket….

After the Storms 1