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Single tree, By : Daniel Dawes

Autonomy 2014 1
The Single tree on the river Barrow ,
County Kilkenny,
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Single tree

By : Daniel Dawes

I watch the light move across the land,
Gliding across the fields with ease,
Shades of green shifting constantly,
Darkness and light working together.

A single tree simply surviving,
Gracefully accepting all seasons,
Its deep roots keeping it grounded,
Its leaves allowing it to sing its song.

Autonomy 2014 2

I watch its movement in the breeze,
I since its aliveness,
I feel its stillness,
I understand its far more than its label.

The invisible wind changes direction,
The sun falls behind the clouds,
It becomes colder,
The senses pick this up but the stillness remains.

A thought passes through my mind,
A simple question,
I choose to follow it,
It simply sits in my awareness.

Autonomy 2014 3

What is this stillness?
That does not change with the environment,
That is unaffected by thought,
That senses the sensations.

I look back to the tree,
The awareness looks back at myself,
The mirror begins to reflect the same thing,
I thank the tree for its lesson.