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Film photography

New Film photography category Returning to film

It has been some time since I loaded a film into this old camera and shot all of 36 exposures and then sent it off to be processed or had a go myself.

For many years I have been using Nikon/fujifilm digital equipment and photoshop to process all resulting images but in the last few week I had a request to scan some old slides and film, I had a Minolta film scanner in the loft so down it came and I set it up again.

After I finished doing this work for them I left the scanner sitting there and kept looking at it for a little time then I found lots of my old film stock. I could not resist the need to see them again so I scanned many of them back in to my pc.

The only remaining film camera I had was a fully manual Nikon Fm2n that I also had in the loft. So I realised that a return to using film is well within my grasp. This along with my father’s old Agfa camera (Post…) will be great fun to use.

I have created a new film photography category on my blog menu in order to share this journey with you as I hopefully begin to enjoy this form of photography again. I hope also that you find this area useful if you want to do the same.



Wicklow Landscapes on film.

wiklow hills

Shot of the Wicklow hills.

Nikon F90x, Nikon 50mm f1.4 lens and Kodak Ektachrome
Irish landscape images : Nigel Borrington

I just started looking at my older stock of slide images and found a set that I took way back when – in County Wicklow.

Some very good and interesting colours coming from these scans, maybe just maybe people have always been correct about film. The detail however is another issue, the film grain in these images removes a lot of detail that even my old Nikon D200 would record.

Look at the black and white contrast!