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Christmas time and the mystery of the Christmas tree

The wild Christmas tree millennium woodlands Kilkenny  Nigel Borrington

The wild Christmas tree
millennium woodlands
Nigel Borrington

It’s almost Christmas , so a big Happy Christmas Holidays to you all 🙂

While I was on an evening walk yesterday in one of county Kilkenny’s woodland parks – the Millennium forest, I came across a tree I see every year and every Christmas this one tree has been decorated with all kinds of great Christmas decorations !!!

Each year I have wondered who comes here to do so, as its a great thing to do and see as you walk past !

I think it has something to do with the origins of this forest , in the year 2000 the Irish forestry company coillte planted one forest in each of the Irish counties and made sure that each forest contained at least one tree for everyone living there. They then sent a letter to everyone telling them where in the forest their own tree was. each tree is not numbered as such but you can locate the area/plot number for your tree.

Clearly someone has taken full ownership of their tree, decorating it each year as they would a tree for their own front room.

So I think the great mystery of the Decorated Millennium Christmas tree is partly solved , I hope to be lucky next year and come across who ever it is who comes back to their tree each year.

Who every you are, Thank you and Merry Christmas to you !!! 🙂

The Christmas tree 2