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Caha Mountains, Healy Pass, Ring of Beara, West Cork and a Poem By : Edwin Curran

Healy Pass cork
A view of the Caha Mountains
Healy Pass, Ring of Beara, West Cork
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

The Caha Mountains on the ring of Beara, West cork, are some of the most beautiful mountains in Ireland, while being no means the highest they offer some of the most scenic views you can find. They sit in the middle of the Beara Peninsula and consist of many walking routes and mountain peaks.

Healy Pass west cork

Below the peaks sit many ancient lakes that have only a short distance to flow into the sea.

The Old Mountains

by Edwin Curran

The old mountains are tall, silent men
Standing with folded arms, looking over the world,
Lonesome and lofty in their manner.

They have seen empires come and go,
Civilizations rise and fall,
Stars break on their breasts.

They are full of history like great books,
And are merely the stone monuments that the kindly Gods
Built for the human race, to mark its passing tomorrow.