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The greens of these trees these leaves, poem by : Shalom Freedman

Green 02
Landscape view of Ballyhenebery. County Kilkenny
Irish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

The greens of these trees these leaves

By : Shalom Freedman

The greens of these trees these leaves
The many shades of green-
Olive green and deep dark green and yellow green
And greens I see but have no name for-
So many shades of light and beauty in green
And I with my eyes loving them all
And delighted and made happy by them all-

Green 03.

Wondering why and how this world
Has so so much Beauty
Just in green alone –
And being deep in happiness
At being alive
And loving them more

In wondering why and how
I will not one day
be able to see them all again..

Green 04