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Marriage: From a Humanist point of view…


As a photographer who has and hopes to keep working in the wedding photography field, I have often wondered how it all started. How it is that most people accept the formal church wedding and some want something a little different.

I have contacted the Association of Irish Humanists and received a book that they kindly sent me “The humanist philosophy”, this little green book is a wonderful guide to the humanist view of our Christian world.

I knew it was for me the moment I opened the front cover and the following quotation was printed on the inside page..

The Humanist Philosophy

” … We believe that it is better to love men than to fear gods; that it is grander and nobler to think and investigate for yourself than to repeat a creed” ‘A humanist credo’ Robert Green Ingersoll, 1833-1899

Well, this very simple little quotation says it all to me. “Investigate for yourself”! don’t just repeat in parrot fashion something you have been trained to say every Sunday…. Hum, How can I resist knowing more!!

So over the next weeks I will post some, relating to my conclusions of this little book and its view on life and birth,death,marriage,art,etc….