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A Poem By – Thomas A Robinson Thomas , Borders and Fences

Borders and Fences Nigel Borrington

Borders and Fences
Nigel Borrington

Borders and Fences

Your borders
are mending fences
And false fiction
is the elevated
runoff of the headwaters
of your dreams
And the people black framed
in the cages
of the eternal moment’s collapse
Will gather generating
candle light wisdom
of those
who deny existence

House By The Sea – Poem by N Nobu

Allihies moments in the setting sun 009

House By The Sea – Poem by N Nobu

They lived
in a house by the sea
he and she.
Where sun sheltered
from the waning moon
myriads of stars
and the lightning beams.

They lived
in a house by the sea
he and she.
Where fireflies lit the sky
crickets sang nearby
and gentle waves kissed
the golden sands goodbye.

Allihies moments in the setting sun 008

They lived
in a house by the sea
he and she.
Fought a little, talked a lot
danced with the breeze
cherishing moment of
bliss and peace.

They lived
in a house by the sea
he and she

Allihies moments in the setting sun 003
She stooped a little
he antiqued a bit
there vision dimmed
with every passing cloud.

She died
In a house by the sea.
Mermaids tell he never cried
for he knew
Lovers never die
and she awaits otherside
where sea meets the sky…..

Landscape poems, “His Dream Of Skyland” by Li Po

Storm clouds over the lake

His Dream Of Skyland

The seafarers tell of the Eastern Isle of Bliss,
It is lost in a wilderness of misty sea waves.
But the Sky-land of the south, the Yueh-landers say,
May be seen through cracks of the glimmering cloud.
This land of the sky stretches across the leagues of heaven;
It rises above the Five Mountains and towers over the Scarlet Castle,

While, as if staggering before it, the Tien-tai Peak
Of forty-eight thousand feet leans toward the southeast.

So, longing to dream of the southlands of Wu and Yueh,
I flew across the Mirror Lake one night under the moon.

Derryvilla lake  Littleton bogs County Tipperary Irish landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

The moon in the lake followed my flight,
Followed me to the town of Yen-chi.
Here still stands the mansion of Prince Hsieh.
I saw the green waters curl and heard the monkeys’ shrill cries.
I climbed, putting on the clogs of the prince,
Skyward on a ladder of clouds,
And half-way up from the sky-wall I saw the morning sun,
And heard the heaven’s cock crowing in the mid-air.
Now among a thousand precipices my way wound round and round;
Flowers choked the path; I leaned against a rock; I swooned.

Roaring bears and howling dragons roused me –
Oh, the clamorous waters of the rapids!
I trembled in the deep forest, and shuddered at the overhanging crags,
one heaped upon another.
Clouds on clouds gathered above, threatening rain;
The waters gushed below, breaking into mist.

A peal of blasting thunder!
The mountains crumbled.
The stone gate of the hollow heaven
Opened wide, revealing
A vasty realm of azure without bottom,
Sun and moon shining together on gold and silver palaces.

Rainbow over the river suir 1

Clad in rainbow and riding on the wind,
The ladies of the air descended like flower, flakes;
The faery lords trooping in, they were thick as hemp-stalks in the fields.
Phoenix birds circled their cars, and panthers played upon harps.
Bewilderment filled me, and terror seized on my heart.
I lifted myself in amazement, and alas!
I woke and found my bed and pillow –
Gone was the radiant world of gossamer.

So with all pleasures of life.
All things pass with the east-flowing water.
I leave you and go – when shall I return?
Let the white roe feed at will among the green crags,
Let me ride and visit the lovely mountains!
How can I stoop obsequiously and serve the mighty ones!
It stifles my soul.

– Li Po. Translated by: Shigeyoshi Obata

A Poem By WILLIAM WORTHLESS – barley field

Barley in Kilkennys fields Nigel Borrington 05

Barley field

i walked the barley field standing oh so bold
blowing in the breeze with its leaves of gold
sun was beating down as i walked along my way
through the fields of barley on a summers day

Barley in Kilkennys fields Nigel Borrington 04

it was very peaceful it made me feel so whole
such a tranquil feeling it reached in to my soul
such a lovely feeling it made me feel so free
walking through the barley brought all this to me

Changing my Blogs header

I guess every now and then we all need to change our blogs header image. Since the start of the year I have had the below landscape image of our local Mountain Slievemanon – county Tipperary, as my sites header, Taken during the winter months.

Landscape Header Nigel Borrington 2016 1

It has taken me until the Summer to capture an image that I was as happy to use but last week, while out walking I wondered through a local field full of Barley and took some close up images. One of these I knew I would be very happy to use as a header image, at least until the Autumn when I hope to capture some of my most loved yellows and browns from the changing Irish landscape.


County Kilkenny Landscapes and a Poem : Like Barley Bending, Sara Teasdale (1884 – 1933)

Barley Field County Kilkenny  Nigel Borrington

Barley Field
County Kilkenny
Nigel Borrington

Like Barley Bending

Like barley bending
In low fields by the sea,
Singing in hard wind

Like barley bending
And rising again,
So would I, unbroken,
Rise from pain;

Barley in Kilkennys fields Nigel Borrington 02

So would I softly,
Day long, night long,
Change my sorrow
Into song.

Barley in Kilkennys fields Nigel Borrington 01

“The River rowers” By Sarah Lyn

River Images Nigel Borrington

River Images
Nigel Borrington

Sarah Lyn

Me and Jessie T
Rowing down cedar creek
oar in hand, smile on our faces

Rowing the river Barrow Nigel Borrington 2

intoxicated steering
trees scraping our backs
cant stop laughing
just keep rowing

Rowing the river Barrow Nigel Borrington 3